Monday, 7 January 2008

an ounce of resolve...

I'm not really into the whole new years resolution thing. Even for me as a longstanding champion of procrastination, I think if you need to elicit change in your life then there is no better time than the present. That said, I've just been thinking (and blogsurfing and doodling etc etc...) and I really think I need to resolve to spend more time writing in my journals.
I have more journals that you could poke a stick at, each one with a different and specific purpose. Right now I have my visual diary, which, sadly, rarely sees the light of day; I have my writing journal which I write poetry and all manner of random ideas in; I have my mini moleskine, which I carry with me for when an idea absolutely needs to be jotted down THIS instant; my BIG moleskine, which is yet to be christened and categorised, and I have my scribble pad which sort of gets used for everything in between-things not worthy of the affore mentioned journals. Sad isn't it.
So yes, I admit to having a journal addiction, perhaps even a fetish, because I actually have many many more lying around that just haven't been assigned tasks yet. I'm hopelessly undisciplined and resort to buying journals at any given oppurtunity.
So, I was sitting here pondering over a poem that leaped into my mind earlier and was about to start typing when I realised how much is lost in typing. That is to say, when I'm writing longhand, I might scribble and cross stuff out and write in random circles, but ultimately the whole journey of the thought process and the birth of that piece is documented, lumps bumps and all. And that is a beautiful thing. My journals don't come with a spell check or a delete button to erase the musings that are created in the process.
I came across this idea for quilted postcards, and there is a flickr group for anyone interested, and I was caught by the idea: The challenge is to produce a fiber postcard once a month that records what you have been exploring, doing, or thinking about.
And that's what got me to thinking that I don't really spend enough time recording what I'm exploring or thinking or ideas that may not even eventuate. It seems that I wait until I think an idea is solid enough to warrant it being jotted down in one of my journals.
So as of today, I am resolving to journal more, longhand, like they did in the olden' days...and who knows...I may even make a quilted postcard or two...

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