Wednesday, 20 February 2008

It seems so long...

...since I've been gone.
with my wedding just 9 days away it seems I have little time for much else. My days are a whirlwind of cupcakes, sugared roses, flowergirl dresses and such.
Been working on a larger scale project also.
Will post pics and bits after the big day!!
Stay tuned and wish me luck!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

30 days - day 9

Our 'treechange' home was finally completed a year ago after two long and arduous years of building. It's been an exhaustingly long haul, and with the impending wedding (27 days and counting!!) money is rather scarce. I'd love to have a lush garden overflowing with the fruits of our labour; I'd love to be as self sufficient as possible, but alas, we can't even afford proper grass or pathways. It's amazing that we can grow anything in this chalky sand. Below the house, which is raised on a sand pad, the actual ground is gravelly and rocky proving extremely difficult to cultivate anything in. Two of my fruit trees are showing signs of promise. I have some baby figs and lemons that I'm keenly watching in the hopes that they will come to maturity. This week we've had an abundance of green beans! They are loving this hot weather. And one big fat watery-melon. This thing seems to be growing at super-sonic speed. Also a butternut pumpkin is growing slowly but steadily. Here's hoping.

30 days - day 8

Bella has taken to stitching like a fish to water. She is completely addicted to watching foxtel program 'Simply Quilts'. Another budding textile artist?? Maybe...

30 days - day 7

a visit to the library and brand new ear piercings. It hurted alot mummy, but it's all better now.