Wednesday, 20 February 2008

It seems so long...

...since I've been gone.
with my wedding just 9 days away it seems I have little time for much else. My days are a whirlwind of cupcakes, sugared roses, flowergirl dresses and such.
Been working on a larger scale project also.
Will post pics and bits after the big day!!
Stay tuned and wish me luck!!


Rebecca said...

Only four days to go??? Best of good luck for you - I'm sure everything will go smoothly and even minor hiccups add to the memories ;) Have a fabulous wedding and enjoy yourself. Congratulations!! Rebecca :D

ness donnelly said...

hi Nichole,best wishes for your wedding day. i'm finally getting chance to catch up with everyones blogs, too many good ones to read its like a full time job, ness

Peta said...

well, you've been back for a while now, get blogging MRS!! I keep checking in here to see what's new. Text me and we'll catch up this week or next. Got a nasty Uni assignment due on Friday.