Tuesday, 25 March 2008


okay okay...

I admit, I've been lazy in posting in the last month, but not without good reason.
Firstly let me just say that the 30 day thing was a pain in the ass and I'm not going to finish it...and honestly I never do finish things like that, so if you see me start one again, please pinch me! {But on that note, my waterymelon didn't make it...due to some rather greedy kangeroo's who felt the need to demolish anything remotely green in my garden!! Kangaroo Stew! That's all I'm saying.}
So the last month or so in a few happy snaps:
going back to early feb...this went off to Meet me at Mikes for the I Heart Mirabel challenge. I hope it got there in time!!

Valnetines Dinner: Slow roasted pork belly with seared scallops and chilli jam. Super dooper yummy!

The birthday girl. Absolutely thrilled with her coconut and strawberry cake.

Making fig jam with figs plucked from a sprawling roadside tree. With just a hint of ginger and scraped vanilla seeds.

the boys looking all handsome on the wedding day.

exchanging vows on the jetty...

the children being cute...

most gorgeous flower girl...doing an outstanding job!

work in progress...this is a 'quilt' to be entered into the 'Stitched and Bound' Competition. I have just 7 days to finish it and send off the images!!! eeeeeeek!more works in progress. I've been playing with paint again after many many years of having not. Some of my paints were so old I had to wrench the lids free with pliers!

These are unfinished works, but I'm really enjoying just playing around and finding a style that suits me.Something to do between bouts of stitching like a madwoman!

Now, since it's taken me about 3 hours to upload these photo's (dial-up!!!) I'm going to bed.



Peta said...

WOW!! You have been busy. I forgive you now! I love the heart and the quilt is looking good - would love to see the finished product. I have always wanted to enter stitched and bound... Maybe next year, huh?
AND... I never knew that you could paint like that. I love the first one. Keep up the momentum!!

Peta said...

And, bags I am your valentine next year. Noone ever cooks me meals like that!

Nichole said...

yes yes, busy busy. Sticthed and bound is bienniele (spelling?) so crack on for 2010. I don't paint much (it's been about 8 years or so) but it's nice to slip back into an old habit.
And I'll cook you dinner anytime!!

Mel Connell said...

Yes I Love the first also, put me on the list to get one!!!

You painted me some flower only a few years back honey, and it still sit proudly on my mantle piece!!!

Rosanna Elizabeth said...

Hi Nichole,

It is good to see another south west blogger!! I will add you to the list of WA bloggers on the Made on the Left blog. It would be great to have you participate at the designer markets and to meet you in person! Hope you can make it : )