Saturday, 29 March 2008

Stitched and Bound by themes...

So the 'quilt' is done, with much relief. I'm reasonably happy with it; in hindsight there are things I would perhaps do differently, but given that this is my first large scale attempt at making a quilted textile piece I'm pretty happy with the result. It has been a learning curve and has certainly fueled inspiration to produce more pieces like it.
I've been doing loads of research into quilts, tradional and contemporary. View the stunning online exhibition Australia Wide here. One artist I particularly admire is Pamela Fitzsimons from NSW. [I can't find a website, but there are a few images online if you care to google.] Also Wendy Lugg is very inspiring. Wendy is a WA artist so I have had the pleasure of viewing her work in the past.

Anyway, I digress. A HUGE thanks goes out to Clare Day for taking some
snapshots of my quilt and burning them to a disc for me, the images have been submitted to this years Stitched and Bound exhibition which will be held at the Mundaring Arts Centre in July. Fingers crossed!

There are a few other art awards and exhibitions coming up later in the year which brings me to a point that I'm struggling with: Working to a theme.
Some of these awards have designated themes to which the artist must adhere. Some are easier than others. This one in particular has me stumped! The theme is Gold.
I've never really worked to a theme before, usually I have my own direction or themes present in my work, so this is a challenge .
If anyone has any useful advice I'd be most appreciative!


Mel Connell said...

Goodluck at the show honey, Im sure you will knock there socks off!!!!

Love love love the quilt.

Peta said...

Looks great Nichole, well done.

Wendy Lugg said...

Hi Nichole,
my advice, based on long and occasionally hard experience, is to be selective, and choose NOT to make work for exhibitions with themes which do not excite you or which have other restrictive rules. Sometimes the challenge of exploring a theme which seems elusive at first can be a good exercise in stretching your horizons. As a learning exercise it can be useful, but it can also be a distraction from the process of developing our own artistic voice. There are enough shows out there to keep you busy without being diverted from your own chosen path (a path which is definitely worth following, what's more). Congratulations on your well deserved selection for Stitched and Bound.