Sunday, 27 January 2008

Hearts for Mirabel and 30 days of the everyday - Day 1

I love this time of night when everyone is in bed asleep. It's just me and the sound of the wind shaking the trees. And the occasional resounding smack of a honkey-nut as it hits the water tank...

Something to fill my time and give me that fuzzy feeling of good will; Mikes are fundraising again for Mirabel. This time it's hearts. Check it out.

And the latest meme going around: 30 days of the everyday. A photography project that started with Soulemama, and has caught on with quite a few bloggers. Seems like a good way to take a step back and appreciate what's happening in my life.

Two others partaking in photo projects for this year: six one way and Noticing Project. I love a good project. :-)

So for the next 30 days I'll be posting photo's that detail some aspect of my everyday life; starting now.

making homemade pizza for the first time in the pizza oven we scored for free from the op shop (because they can't sell electrical goods) The oven is virtually brand new and works a treat.

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