Sunday, 20 January 2008

Old friends, new treasures

A few old friends have surfaced in the last week or so. My mind seems a little crowded with ideas that seem to snake off on their own tangents. I had a realisation the other day that I spend far too much time trying to resolve the (artistic) process in my mind, rather than just getting on with it and enjoying said process. I guess this is the foundation of my procrastination.

It's kind of ingrained in me (from many years spent at uni) that a project needs to come to some sort of resolution, otherwise it is a pointless excercise. I guess they say this crap to you to make you really think about what you're doing and why; which is great, but often the thinking is at the expense of the doing.
So, I guess what I'm getting at, is that while I really enjoy being crafty, I find myself craving something more. But I can't seem to get past the thinking stage for fear that the work I produce will be shit.
Enter old friends. My major at uni was textiles so I enjoy working with fabrics and paper and such. But my time at uni was spent exploring identities and particularly women's cultural identities. Text has played a massive part in all my work, as I never was able to seperate my writer self from my artist self, and with the guidance of a very special lecturer, I stopped fighting it and started using it to my advatage.

This is my underwood typewriter. I got him second hand in a funky (if not a little festy) maroon and cream vinyl case. I had a much more modern typewriter, but alas, during the emotionaly hormonal period that is pregnancy, he met rather fatally with a wall.

My spinning wheel. My pop bought this from a junk store on some whim, much to my nan's disdain, and when they found out I was spinning they disassembled it and sent it across from Victoria to me. At first I couldn't get it to work, then miraculously it did. And now, it won't again. Which is frustrating to no end as I actually want to use it for something specific.

My other half is the retail manager of Vinnies, so I get to go op-shopping alot!! I found these beauties right after christmas. They look old to me, but could be worthless. Nevertheless, I think they are gorgeous, and I know someone else who will love them also...

And inspired by three things: dodgy foxtel craft show, fantabulous new wool from treetops and lovely book Felt; a felt bead necklace. Also destined for someone worthy.
Will be making more of those...I find the process rather soothing, plus I love unusual jewellery. Bella also loves making these. It's lovely to think that I'm passing on something special to her.

On a much lighter note, I made Indi's pants for the wedding today and they look cute. I got some little Bibi leather sandals on ebay for 99c (brand new in box) what a steal! Next I have to tackle Bella's flowergirl dress, which is a little daunting, but time is slipping away like sand...


Mel Connell said...

I love your felt ball necklace Nichole!!!

Mel Connell said...

I love your felt ball necklace Nichole!!!