Monday, 7 January 2008

a day of [re]discovery

After posting last night, I tumbled into bed thinking sleep was imminent, but in fact my mind was running a marathon. With ideas swirling and foaming in my head, sleep was surely not going to happen and shoot! Mr DW was trying hard to sleep so I couldn't very well go switching on the lights to pour out my thoughts into a journal. (Don't you just hate that!)
So I grabbed hold of these new ideas as tightly as I could in the hope that they would stick with me til morning, a mere 6 hours away.

And they did thankfully!

This morning was spent felting, an activity I thought the kids would enjoy.

Bella is a natural!

Speaking of felt, so very very excited to have order India Fint's book Felt. Thanks to Peta for letting me know it was available on sale through doubleday.

The wool I have is called 'sliver' which means it still has grass seeds and bits in it. So I just payed a visit to Treetops to order some superfine merino wool tops. I've ordered a bunch of natural undyed wool because I actually like it undyed, plus then I can dye it myself if I wish; plus I ordered a bit of yellow...hmm strange colour choice for me! Could it be I have something special in mind for someone special???

image courtesy of Mel Robson
Stumbled across Mel Robson's blog today. Now by my own admission I'm not really into ceramics, but I was really captivated by the delicacy, translucence and narrative of Mel's work, in particular the use of text such as family recipes. Check out these gorgeous wall tiles.
Interesting that I would come across another artist using text when I've just been jotting down all my new ideas using text and poetry and stitch...hardley anything new for me though. But I love love love that she uses recipes!


Peta said...

You know someone who likes yellow? What a coincidence. I LOVE yellow!!!

Mel Robson said...

Hi Nichole! Thanks for the comment on my blog, and the mention on yours!