Wednesday, 23 April 2008

softie love

I have to confess to alot of thinking and not alot of doing this past month. It's been a busy one and perhaps a bit of a lazy one... I had great intentions for these school holidays to be doing some making with the little ones, some felting, some printing, some general mess making, but so far nothing. The realisation that I am a terrible parent sometimes thwacks me full force. How I envy the likes of Soulemama and Angry Chicken and other seemingly super-mums who just spend their time doing.
So anyway, after a good dose of mother-guilt got to me, I decided to do something a) nice for the girl child, and b) crafty - because sometimes I just need to craft.
Nothing like some mid week softie making to put the mama back in favour!

also, very excited to discover EcoColour has arrived in the bookstore, hopefully I will venture down that way before the week is out.

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MeganAnne said...

this little softie is adorable. so sweet and simple and full of character.

ps. i found your blog on the sassy apron swap. :-)