Thursday, 22 November 2007

one big softie

here's my latest creation, his name is Moxy-Maou.

I think softies are so cute, so I couldn't help making one. feeling a bit creative this week. I'm making christmas tree decorations again, same as last year. They look really amazing when hung on a tree.

These little gems are all hand beaded and embroidered. I'm wondering if I should consider an etsy shop? but it's probably a bit late for this yuletide season...

I also dragged the sewing machine out of hibernation...I need to make my daughters flower-girl dress, for which I drafted the pattern months ago, managed to cut out the toille and never took it any further. Well today I sewed up the toille (test run made from calico) and fitted it so now I can make any alterations and proceed to make the actual dress. Fun times. :-)

Don't forget to comment me below on the PIF post if you want a free handmade gift...


Mel Connell said...

Oh, what a cutie bumm, yu kitty is gorgeous Nic.

Amy said...

Hi Nichole :)
Thanks for your lovely post on my blog. It's all official now, results came out on Monday and judging by those the assessment panel must have liked what they saw :) A lovely confidence booster!
Where did you complete your textile design studies? I believe there aren't that many uni's in Australia that offer it now...a limited few!
Your softie and handmade/beaded/embroidered Christmas decorations are just beautiful! I think you should most certainly consider an etsy shop before pre-Christmas season next year :)

Peta said...

You should definitely consider an etsy shop sweet pea!!