Monday, 26 November 2007

more christmas decorations...

This little guy is hand beaded and embroidered. A slow and time consuming technique, but a relaxing one.

the bird motif seems to be a very popular one, and one that I normally avoid. But it seemed appropriate for christmas.

I decided to steer away from felt for this one. Ideally I'd like to be using more vintage fabrics, but my stash is a little depleted. So vintage silk wings (one of my favouritest fabrics courtesy of mel) teamed here with striped cotton that was originally intented to become 3/4 pants for miss bella. Not finished yet, but I mainly wanted to test out the hand applique stitch that I recently saw demonstated on a daytime quilting show (very sad, I know..but these nanna's have a lot of skills to teach!)
I have a bunch of ideas fliting around in my head, so hopefully there will be loads more to come.


of paper & thread said...

love your chrissy decorations! absolutely beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Oh that bird is beautiful, the stitching is superb! I love Moxy-Maou too!!! Wonder if he's keeping his eye on the chrissie birds? - in a friendly way of course ;)

of paper & thread said...

Hi Nichole,
Sorry I'm not sure that I am going to be much help! I have been doing all the coating and exposing of screens myself in my shed at home. My boyfriend built me a uv exposure unit based on the one at uni, however unfortunately it is a bit hit and miss and doesn't work very well with designs with fine detail. I print at home on an old table, we added a piece of wood along one edge for the screen to go against, keeping hands free for squeegeeing! I am not really set up to print in repeat, have just been printing smaller panels of fabric... I am actually going to outsource much of my printwork in future as I am looking to get meterage printed and just don't have access to the proper equipment.
Anyway sorry I am not much help!! Best of luck with your printing, I hope you get it all sorted out :-) Oh and thanks for your feedback on my cushions - Danielle

of paper & thread said...

Yeah try checking with the uni, see what they say... I spoke to them about access to equipment about a year ago but at that point in time they were saying I would have to be enrolled in a unit... you could maybe even try the Tafe as well - I think they might have an exposure unit too.
I am going to get a guy in perth to do my meterage printing - his name is Gregory Tuck and he seems very nice. He has done some printing for the girls from The Cut Cloth - they have some great photos of the printing process on their blog if you'd like to have a look...(I have a link to their blog on mine). Danielle :-)

of paper & thread said...

here's the link to the post on the cut cloth blog