Wednesday, 18 June 2008

in stitches

I had to rescue this circa 1950s quilt from the op shop - it was destined for the welfare bin. I'd hate to see it go to a home where it was less than cherished. I can't believe that something like this has been discarded so thoughtlessly! My assumption is that it has come from a deceased estate and the grandchildren or whoever has seen little value. This is how we lose our history! Some woman has spent hours upon hours lovingly hand stitching this beautiful log cabin.
Wouldn't you just love to know all the secrets contained in those stitches!

I've discovered that I'm a left handed knitter, after knitting right handed for ...well my entire life! What a revelation! I have actually (finally) finished knitting projects I've started.

This is a neck warmer for my sister (hopefully she isn't reading this before it actually reaches her!) Knitted with handspun merino.

I'm eager to tackle socks. I have much to learn but I'm getting there. Everyone warns me off socks saying they are much too hard, this just makes me all the more determined!


thetinylittlegirl said...

lovely neck warmer. you're brave to want to tackle socks! i'm not a knitter but from what i've seen they look hard. good luck! :-)

inkberryblue said...

The neck warmer looks gorgeous. It shows off that lovely handspun wool beautifully. I really like the shawl pin too ~ did you buy it locally? Good luck with the socks! (I have a ball of Opal self striping wool waiting for me to gather up enough courage to make my first~ever pair.)