Monday, 26 May 2008

on the sticks

A month ago, if you asked, I would have told you I can't knit. Despite the fact that I actually can since my Nan taught me to do so when I was about 5 or 6 and surprisingly I've never forgotten.
It must be the little rhythm we had going:
"Through the hole, around the needle, back through the hole and off!"
It became a kind of knitting mantra that I never really let go of. But despite the cool chant, my knitting skills were, well, lack-lustre. I couldn't do much else that knit and purl and I don't think I ever even finished a scarf.
I do enjoy watching the knitting show on cable however, and have found myself drawn to try different things, which upon watching the techniques, I find I can actually do them.

Inspired by the ever-talented and truly lovely Peta, whose hand knits are to die for!! I decided to bite the bullet and just go with the flow.
Peta describes her style as "organic". She doesn't work to a pattern, but rather she allows the yarn to speak to her as she creates beautiful one-off pieces in this simple yet sensitive manner. (Knit-nazi's schreech: "what!? She doesn't use a pattern!?)

Considering I can't read knitting patterns anyhow, this method really appealed to me, so I went out and bought home a bunch of yummy yarns and whipped up my first ever completed knitted item! (A petrafanella rip-off no less) To the discerning eye it is less than perfect, but that just makes me love it all the more!

And I've been practicing. My knit-literacy levels are up and I have a couple more projects on the sticks.

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