Friday, 27 July 2007

Anticipation balls inside her
deep and hungry
she slides into her lipstick
dangerous red.
And walks, careless in the night
heels clacking defiant against the cold
hot breath swirling, dissolving.

(will he remember me?)

And there he is, across the room
catching her eye
she catches her breath
and plunges into his unexpecting embrace.

(it’s ok, we’re old friends)

Flirting glances.

(is he watching as I remove my jacket?)

I could get lost in your conversation.
Words dancing between us
from your lips to mine.
All your stories are mine.

(when did desire arrive?)

Wine wraps its languid arms around us.
We meander in the night
lag behind
lost in these moments
so transient.

(if only we knew)

I remember your hands
cupping my face
my averted gaze, blushing.
You’re beautiful, you said.
You’re lying, I said.
I’m not used to such boldness
but I believed you, anyway.


LiteraryMinded said...

A very vivid piece :-)

Rebecca said...

Hi again Nichole - I was just scrolling down your blog and read this poem. It's amazing and really resonated with me. I just had to say how beautiful it was and how wonderful to capture a moment and feelings like that. I am so not a poet but I'm always amazed when I read good poetry how evocative it can be. This poem is wonderful. Rebecca