Monday, 18 June 2007


I found this article online the other day; an art conservator in Victoria, while restoring an Arthur Streeton painting (Spring) discovered secret love notes, or rather, inscriptions of love, in the painting more than 120 years after it was painted.
It got me to thinking: what secrets would be revealed if people were passed under the UV light? I mean, everyone has secrets: secret thoughts, desires, history's.
Think about it...what information do you choose not to disclose to people?
I love the idea of something hidden just below the surface, hidden layers, secrets trapped.
It takes me back to some of the work I did while at uni that stemmed from the idea of layers as applied to the facets of a persons personality. The notions that we are in fact many different people in all the different situations in our lives. We are never just a writer, an artist, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a lover, a wife. We are all of those things and many more. And of those, how many more facets are there that we keep hidden?

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LiteraryMinded said...

I absolutely love this post. Since I was a teenager I have been acutely aware of the things that don't get mentioned. I analyse silence in conversations. I try and scratch the surface of things. The upcoming theme of 'Harbinger Journal' is going to be 'Secrecy'. I am working on a story called 'Things We Know About Each Other'. Even in a close relationship there are opinions that are subdued so as not to offend, there is history, there are thoughts of the future...